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Whitening isn’t just cosmetic. The confidence you’ll gain could open up a new world of possibilities. Get a whiter, healthier smile with your dental professional and the No.1 patient-requested professional whitening brand,* Philips Zoom.

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Specialist Visiting Dates

GynecologistDr. Rasa LiaudanskaiteMay: 22nd
GynecologistDr. Rasa BubliauskieneJune: —
Professor / GynecologistDr. Linas RovasJune: 5th, 6th
GastroenterologistDr. Gediminas SemeklisMay: 27th
Dental Surgeon / Periodontologist
Dr. Adomas RovasMay: 19th, 21st, 22nd
Dental SurgeonDr. Jurgis PaulauskasMay: 29th
OrthodontistDr. Janusz BanasikJune: —
ProsthodontistVaidotas ZvikasJune: —
Dental SurgeonLaurynas BanysJune: 3rd
Dentist – TherapistMiglė KotovaitėJune: 9th, 12th
Urologist – OncologistDr. Alvydas VezelisMay: 21st
DentistAlanta GirdvainyteJune: —