Dentist-Therapist and Prosthesis Specialist

Dr. Dovilė Miskelienė

Dr. Dovile Miskeliene has been taking care of patients‘ smiles for about three years now. With her specialty as a dentist therapist, she also offers an exceptional specialization in the field of restoration of bite height, which is one of the most difficult procedures in dentistry.

As a dentist therapist Dr. D. Miskeliene has a knowledge of handling cases of daily dentistry such as decay treatment, sealing, and restoration of crushed teeth.  Due to her inclination towards innovation and solving professional challenges, the doctor puts advanced methods of treatment into practice.  Dr. D. Miskeliene‘s has impeccable skills of performing procedures successfully with laser. This method of treatment can improve the quality of teeth whitening, treatment of herpes, and allows a more accurate execution of gum corrections.   Laser also can be integrated into decay or endodontic treatment to achieve better results, while reducing the period of recovery.

Another field of doctor‘s specialization is Collapsed Bite Restoration. This procedure is performed to restore natural biting function and jaw function. As one of the most difficult procedures in dentistry, it requires diligence, accuracy and precision, as well as specific knowledge and technical skills. Interestingly, Dr. Dovile Miskeliene has it all, and even more. Her garnered experience, and a wide range of professional interests, gave her know–how in performing low complexity prosthetics procedures.

Through her years of practice, Dr. D. Miskeliene raised her professional qualification in fields mentioned above at various seminars and training, where she gained experience from experts in dentistry and prosthetics from Italy, Germany, Brazil, Switzerland etc. Since 2015, Dr. Dovile Miskeliene has been a member of Lithuanian Dental Chamber. This membership allows her to focus on the latest achievements and innovations in dentistry by sharing experiences, case studies, and other relevant materials with colleagues.

Dr. D. Miskeliene acquired her professional qualification in 2015 at the University of Health Science, Lithuania.