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Doctor Alvydas Vezelis is a professional and experienced urologist-oncologist who works at the National Cancer Institute in Vilnius. He has a higher university education and is a certified endoscope and ultrasound doctor. Doctor Vezelis has a lot of experience and is well prepared to treat oncourologic diseases, and is also a member of several medical societies and associations. If you have any questions or doubts about your urological health, Doctor Vezelis is ready to help you.

1991-1997 Kaunas Medical Academy, Faculty of Medicine
1997-1998 Vilnius University, Medical Doctor Qualification
1998-2002 Vilnius University, General Surgery Doctor Qualification
2002-2004 Vilnius University, Doctor Urologist Qualification, Medical Practice License No. MPL-00175
2004-2007 Vilnius University, Faculty of Economics, Master’s Degree in Management and Business Administration, specialization-marketing
Work experience:
Since 2004 National Cancer Institute (formerly Vilnius University Oncology Institute), Oncourology Department, Doctor Urologist
Training courses and internships:
2002 Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine Abdominal Surgery Clinic, Doctor Endoscope Qualification
2004 Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine Internal Diseases, Rehabilitation and Oncology Clinic, Doctor Ultrasound Qualification
2009 Maria Sklodowska-Curie Oncology Center, Warsaw, Poland, Prostate Brachytherapy Theoretical and Practical Courses
2013 ESTRO improvement course “Prostate Cancer Brachytherapy”, Cologne, Germany
2020 Essen-Mitte Clinic, Essen, Germany, Theoretical and Practical BiopSee Fusion System Courses
Society and association member:
2004 Lithuanian Urologist Society Member, Lithuanian Ultrasound Association Member, European Urologist Association (EAU) Member
Practice interests: Oncourologic disease diagnosis and surgical treatment
Research interests:
Minimally invasive prostate procedures (prostate brachytherapy, cryotherapy, transrectal and transperineal prostate biopsies)

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