Dental Surgeon



Dental surgeon Jurgis Paulauskas takes care of his patients by invoking his 5 years of international experience in the field of odontology and dental surgery. In the last several years Dr. J. Paulauskas looks after patients both in Ireland and in Lithuania.

Dr. J. Paulauskas performs procedures relating to wisdom tooth extraction, jawbone grafting, sinus lifting and specializes in the field of dental implantation, for which he is well known and valued among our patients and colleagues. As a highly qualified dental surgeon he collaborates with STRAUMANN, the most well-known, highest quality dental implants provider worldwide, as well as with MEGADENT. Due to this collaboration the procedures are performed using the most advanced technologies and dental implants of highest quality. Jurgis Paulauskas is an active member of dental surgeons’ community and keeps improving his professional skills by participating in seminars or lectures across the globe – some of them took place in Brazil, South Korea, Switzerland etc.

Dr. Jurgis Paulauskas graduated from the University of Health Science in Lithuania, yet now he is a member of academic society of the University as he continues his collaboration as lecturer sharing his knowledge and experience with the future generation of odontologists.  During the education process, our dental surgeon passes on his core values of professional ethics, that being- the patients‘ health being the most important aspect which has to be assured by the means and measures most suitable for him/her as well as the care of the patient should be enduring and based on both sided collaboration.

  • Experienced oral surgeon
  • Quality dental implants which are used during procedure
  • Care and collaboration with a patient

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