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Dr. Laura Vaitkute

Cosmetic Dentist

Doctor Details

Dr. Laura Vaitkute has 7 years of international experience of cosmetic dentistry and endodontics. Before she brought her knowledge of smile‘s aesthetics to Ireland she was improving her professional skills in clinics of odontology in Paris, France for 3 years.

Brief Profile

Our Cosmetic dentist is one of the few specialists in Ireland who performs the newest prosthetic treatments like Bredent dentures and Bre-flex partial dentures. The advanced methods used by dr. Laura Vaitkute guarantees modern solutions of cosmetic dentistry that allows patients to be completely confident whensmiling. L. Vaitkutė also performs procedures of cosmetic filling and dental root canals treatment.

The specialist of cosmetic dentistry and endodotics bases her practice on principles of accuracy, agility, achieving the best result possible and continuous improvement of skills. Doctor calls odontology as her biggest passion therefore she is constantly interested in the innovations of this field.

Dr. L. Vaitkutė acquired her professional qualification in 2012 m. at Medicine faculty of Vilnius University, Lithuania.

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