Our Prices

Examination And Cleaning

Examination, diagnosis, x-ray and treatment plan€100
Consultation (Implants, Orthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry (X-Ray Not Included))€40
Treatment Plan€50
Panoramic X-Ray€50
One unit X-Ray€20
Scaling and polishing PRSI / +soda€15 - €35
Scaling and polishing Professional oral hygiene€75
Scaling and polishing With soda professional oral hygiene€95
Tray Based Teeth Whitening€200
ZOOM Whitening + Whitening Tray€350
Night guardFrom €150 To €200
Retainer after braces€150

Pediatric Dentistry

Emergency examinationFrom €20 - €50
Check up€20
POH Under 16€50
Milk tooth treatment€70
Coloured filling€70
Sealant per tooth€30
Milk tooth extraction€60
Milk tooth Root canal treatment and filling€150


Routine Extraction€90 - €110
Surgical Extraction€150 - €180
Wisdom Tooth extraction€190 - €250
Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction€260 - €370
Root Apex Resection€250 - €400
Upper lip frenectomy (Labial Frenectomy)€150
Upper lip frenectomy€150

Dental Fillings

White composite filling Small€100
White composite filling Medium€120
White composite filling Big€130 - €170
Front teeth white composite fillings€140 - €190
Front teeth aesthetic filling (full surface)€200
Front teeth aesthetic composite fillings/bonding (anaesthesia incl.)€300 - €320
Temporary Fillings€80
Glass Ionomer filling€60

Canal Treatments

Front teeth root canal treatment + filling€380
Premolars + filling€450
Molars + filling€580
Re-treatment Cost in addition to RCT fee€100
Endodontic 1 Tooth Whitening (1 session) (2nd €50)€100

Dental Crowns

Core/post preparation€180 - €240
Metal - Porcelain Crown€550
Ceramic Zirconium Crown€580
Ceramic Zirconium Crown aesthetic zoneFrom €640
Temporary CrownsFrom €120
Temporary crown (Made in laboratory. Milled plastic crown)From €200
Crown fix€70
Removal of old Crowns€50
Face-Bow Registration€70
Alginate impressions€30
Silicone impressions€45
Individual spoon€30 - €50
Teeth wax modeling (per tooth)€20


Mini Denture (1-3 teeth)from €200
Complete Dentures (single arch)from €450
Flexible mini dentures ( 1 to 3 teeth )from €200 to €300
Denture Repair/ AdditionFrom €100
Michigan splint€900
Maryland bridgeFrom €1200


Preliminary initial examination ( Not included X-ray )€40
Consultation ( Plus OPG x-ray; treatment plan )€50
Early treatment ( Children (under 18))€900 - €1,800
Fixed Braces ( Metal one arch Children (under 18))€2 600
Fixed Braces (Metal both arches Children (under 18))€3 500
Fixed Braces ( Metal one arch Adult )€2 900
Fixed Braces ( Metal both arches Adult )€3 900
Ceramic braces ( Extra cost per arch )€300
Invisalign€3900 - €4900
Lingual Braces€3500 - €7000

Dental Implants

NEW Straumann SLA/Bio/Switzerl€950
Straumann implant Switzerland€890
AnyRidge Implant System Megagen€790
Neodent (a Straumann Group Brand)€790
Implant healing Cup€90
Ceramic Zirconium Crown on implant plus abutmentfrom €750
Ceramic Zirconium Crown on implant plus abutment Aesthetic zonefrom €850-950
Temporary Crown on implantFrom €220
Bone augmentation proceduresfrom €350
Sinus liftfrom €950


Periodont Consultation€50
Periodont Consultation ( Panoramic X-Ray and treatment plan )€90
Non-surgical periodontal therapy ( per quadrant )From €170
Flap surgery€300 - €400
Regenerative surgery€400 - €600
Dental crown lengthening procedure per tooth€140
Dental crown lengthening procedure aesthetic zone per tooth€350
Gum graft surgery€300 - €500
Teeth splinting€250
Root amputation / Hemisection€140


Gynaecologist First Standard Consultation (Ultrasound Scan Not Included)€80
Follow-up Consultation (Ultrasound Scan not included)€60
Follow-up Consultation + Examination (Ultrasound Scan not included)€80
Gynaecological Consultation + Examination (Ultrasound Scan not included)€100
Gynaecological Consultation + Examination + Ultrasound€160
Ultrasound Scan€80
Breast ultrasound scan and consultation€160
Breast scan, vaginal ultrasound screening procedures and consultation€260
Cervical Smear Test (Private)€80
HPV Typing€100
Smear Test Microscopy€40
Swab Test€40
Fertility Consultation (Ultrasound Scan Not Included)€80
Referral Letter In English/Lithuanian Languages, For GP Doctors Or Personal Purpose Use€60
Contraceptive Pill Prescription€30


Urologist First Standard Consultation (Ultrasound Scan Not Included)€80
Ultrasound Scan€80

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