All of those, who were looking for high quality beauty treatments, now can experience all the advantages of hyaluronic dermal fillers, mesotherapy for face and hair and biorevitalization at Ashbourne Dental & Medical clinic. Our skilled beautician Sandra Balanaite is ready to make your skin and hair glow again!

According to S. Balanaite, as the beauty industry developed, the discovery of the advantages of hyaluronic acid became the core of beauty treatments, which allow to achieve highly visible results with non – surgical procedures and that is why there is a low risk of possible side effects.

The human body itself produces Hyaluronic acid, but it decreases with age: human‘s skin loses its natural beauty, elasticity and moisture, person looks older, as the wrinkles become more and more visible. Performing beauty procedures or courses with Hyaluronic acid such as mesotherapy, dermal fillers or biorevitalization helps to restore skin‘s natural appearance and state, increase its glow and vitality.

Beautician Sandra Balanaite does not compromise the wellness of her clients, therefore she uses high quality products which are recognized world-wide: Revitacare and Cyto Care for face mesotherapy; DR.CYJ Hair filler, Revitacare HairCare for hair mesotherapy; Juvéderm, Restylane, Belotero, NEAUVIA FOR MAN for hyaluronic acid injections. Professional products allows to ensure the achievement of the expected results and minimize possible side-effects. S. Balanaite also pays a lot of attention the the hygiene and orderly environment so that her clients could rest assured the procedures are being carried out under the especially high standarts of cleanliness.

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