Neuromuscular therapy is a tailored bodywork session with the goal of reducing pain, rehabilitating connective tissue and promoting well-being in both the body and mind. It is effective at breaking the stress-tension cycle by promoting a parasympathetic response in the body through manual techniques that lengthen and relax muscles and move metabolic waste products, which irritate nerves, out of muscle tissue fibers.

Where Is Neuromuscular Therapy Effective?

Neuromuscular therapy is effective at reducing a wide range of pain syndromes including:

  • neck, shoulder and back pain,
  • headache problems,
  • muscular trauma resulting from an accident or injury,
  • muscle strain caused by overuse or repetitive movement
  • trapped nerves pain

It is a safe, natural solution that provides an alternative to pain relieving drugs, and can be used on most patients.

Why Does Neuromuscular Therapy Work?

When the body experiences a muscular injury, the natural response is to narrow the blood vessels that flow to that area of the body. This is important, because it stops bruising, but it can also lead to a tightening of the muscle. If left untreated, the muscle becomes hypertonic, and a buildup of toxins can cause a reduction in circulation (ischemia). The toxins can increase nerve sensitivity and cause pain. The tight muscles can also pinch nerves and other muscle tissue, leading to even more pain.

Neuromuscular therapy targets the underlying cause of this pain by loosening these tight (hypertonic) muscles. This restores natural circulation and breaks down the toxins, reducing pain. Soon the muscles return to normal function, and the body comes back in balance.

How session works

Initial session begins with a medical history and functional evaluation of any pain sites included a comprehensive postural and biomechanical assessment. Depending on this a treatment plan is then formulated that will give you the best results. Duration of initial session is 75 minutes. Follow ups usually last 55 minutes.

Clients with Laya Healthcare insurance can claim back part of the cost of treatment in line with their policies. The plan must include “physical therapy”.

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