The benefits of professional oral hygiene

Professional oral hygiene is one of the most important procedures in preventative care, helping to keep the whole mouth healthy and free of diseases.

Toxins, bacteria and acids negatively affect the teeth and gums, resulting in tooth decay, inflammation, bad breath and bleeding gums. A visit to the hygienist will prevent these diseases from taking hold.

The treatment is pain-free and is performed in the clinic by your hygienist, who is specialising in the maintenance of oral health.

It is recommended to visit your hygienist regularly to prevent possible complications. The preventative measures taken in time can help avoid significant dental treatment costs.

Using special instruments and an ultrasonic scaler, the accumulated tar and plaque are safely removed. Pearls (Calcium Carbonate) and smeliasrove are effective for eliminating tobacco, tea, coffee and wine stains.

An E-FLOW technology using soda effectively polishes and removes any stains arising from teeth pigmentation.

Profesional oral hygiene is also suitable for kids and teenagers – you can now avail of a 50% discount for these groups. An early start to comprehensive oral care can prevent your child from frequent odontology visits in the future.

Following the oral hygiene procedure, you can expect an improved overall oral condition resulting in a brighter, whiter and healthier smile!


Scale And Polish



Scale And Polish/Soda



Laser Teeth Whitening

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