Doctor Details

Experience3 Years
Languages: English, Lithuanian, Russian


 Acquired his professional qualification at Vilnius University, Lithuania.

Awards & Certifications

 Member of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP)
 International Association if Student Clinicians – American Dental Association (SCADA)
 In 2017 A. Rovas was awarded the prestigious “Henry M. Thornton” award for PhD research.

Dr. Adomas Rovas is an active member of various international associations uniting periodontologists, therefore he takes care of patients‘ health applying the latest progress of this field and his own experience of 3 years.

The periodontologist has a wide range of specialization, which includes conservative periodontic treatment, periodontic surgery, gum grafting surgeries and dental implantation. As he constantly improves his competence and qualification, our doctor bases his treatment on collaboration with a patient because the main component of successful treatment is the coherence of doctor‘s professional skills and discipline of a patient.

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