A beautiful, even white smile is what we all wish for. Modern dentistry focuses on the aesthetic enhancement of a smile and offers a wide range of options to improve it without the need for complicated surgical procedures.

One of the simplest procedures in aesthetic dentistry is teeth whitening, but in the event of tooth defects such as chipping or discoloration due to dental disease, the aesthetic of the smile is restored by applying aesthetic fillings or an aesthetic restoration using dental laminates or crowns. In some individual cases, a combination of these procedures may be used and, in difficult cases, with the assistance of an orthodontist.


Aesthetic restoration is one of the most commonly performed aesthetic dentistry procedures for patients wishing to achieve that dream smile. It restores worn, chipped or otherwise damaged teeth. Their colour and shape are corrected using white aesthetic dental fillings, resulting in a lasting and exceptionally natural finish.

When necessary, aesthetic restoration can also be performed to equalize teeth proportions and remove any gaps between them. This is particularly important in the case of anterior teeth, where patients with pronounced gaps often experience discomfort in their daily lives. With aesthetic filling, this defect can be repaired quickly and painlessly.

This minimally invasive method of restoring tooth colour and shape can be used to achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile, in addition to improvements to overall oral health. During the procedure, the carries-damaged tooth tissue is removed, while most of the healthy tooth is preserved. Due to top quality materials used, the patient can obtain firmer and more resilient teeth, as well as ensuring the tooth adjustment is compatible with the gums.

It should also be noted that the correction of tooth colour or shape with aesthetic restoration is significantly cheaper than dental prosthesis or implantation.

Elements of success for aesthetic restoration in our clinic

  • The excellent experience of our aesthetic restoration specialist: At the Ashbourne Dental & Medical Clinic, odontology dentist Laura Vaitkutė will be looking after all of your aesthetic restauration needs. Our doctor has accumulated an impressive 7 years of international experience, including 3 years of qualifications in Paris, France. 
  • Materials used for procedures: Here at Ashbourne Dental &Medical, aesthetic restoration practitioners use the highest quality products from well-known manufacturers of composite materials – IVOKLAR , VOCO3M ESPEGRADIA DIRECT.
  • Reliable and fast results at affordable prices:  The initial consultation at Ashbourne Dental &Medical Clinic, while the aesthetic restauration procedures are being performed daily. This enables our physicians to quickly and qualitatively assess the patient’s condition to best meet their needs, using the skills and accumulated shared experiences to offer cost-effective solutions.
  • Patient care and collaboration:   Patient health is a top priority at Ashbourne Dental & Medical Clinic. Our doctors responsibly evaluate the patient’s condition, formulate a clear treatment plan, provide a detailed introduction to the process of aesthetic restoration and provide guidance in choosing composite materials. Doctors also work closely with each other, so in instances where aesthetic restoration may not be sufficient to solve the patient’s problems, a physician in the appropriate field is immediately called upon to assist, e.g. an orthodontist.

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!