Dental crowns, or sometimes known as ‘caps’, can restore a tooth (or teeth) that has been significantly damaged due to chipping, cracking, decay or natural wear and tear. The crown is custom built so that it looks, feels and functions just like a real tooth, all the while providing an aesthetically appealing smile.

Treatment Plan and Procedure

Before opting for dental crowns, your dentist may first advise you on a less invasive treatment, such as dental veneers. However, if the damage to the teeth has been extensive, dental crowns may be the option for you.

During your visit, an impression of your teeth may be taken and sent to the laboratory to model and design the length and shape of the crown so that it comfortably and naturally fits alongside your other teeth. The dentist will also need to prepare the tooth first so that the crown can be fitted properly. After all the appropriate steps have been taken, the new crown can then be cemented and bonded in place at a later visit.

During your appointment, the dentist will outline the procedure and treatment plan in full detail as well as your options for the material of the crown, local anaesthesia, the appropriate care of any temporary crowns that may be put in place and the aftercare of the final crown.

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